Mending the Broken: The Westward Trek Jean Chase

ISBN: 9781466411920

Published: November 9th 2011


276 pages


Mending the Broken: The Westward Trek  by  Jean Chase

Mending the Broken: The Westward Trek by Jean Chase
November 9th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 276 pages | ISBN: 9781466411920 | 10.23 Mb

Despite Judge Percival Wiggingtons objections that a woman is not capable of being a judge, Alyson Ames is approved by voters to replace her husband Judge David Ames in court when he volunteers to serve in the army during WWI. David is killed the week before the Armistice is signed, but the voters continue to re-elect Alyson after the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote is ratified. She resents Wiggington continually referring to her as the widow Ames, so she legally reinstates her surname McCreary.

Alyson hires Ethan Lawford to work temporarily as a handyman at her home in Santa Fe. Ethan finds a pine chest in the attic of the carriage house and when they open it there is a Civil War Union uniform jacket, a sword, a Purple Heart medal, and a journal in the chest. She is amazed when she opens the journal, finds a letter written for her by her father.

The journal is an account of the journey westward that was made by Judith de Borah the woman Alyson had known as Grandma Judith. The economy in the USA plunged in the late 1850s and Judith is shocked and irate when her husband, Preston sells the farm-home she inherited from her parents, buys a Conestoga and joins a wagon train on The Westward Trek. The train is stalled at Westport, Kansas waiting for supplies. Captain Carter Jaushlin not only brings the supply wagonloads but also new that the southern states are seceding and the nation is at war.

Lt. Colonel Andrew Scott arrives, bringing White Hawk a Delaware Indian Scout to lead the train and orders Major Birkeland to take charge of the military escort. As soon as he 7can be replaced, Scott joins the group. Judith meets a young Alyson McCreary who even though in late months of pregnancy is also with the train walking the Santa Fe Trail from Virginia to New Mexico. All goes well until they reach the Glorieta Pass and learn that Confederate soldiers are attacking Fort Union. When Scott gives the order to proceed to the Fort to reinforce the Union troops there, young Alyson goes into labor, and .

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