The Crawling Abattoir: Expanded Edition Martin Mundt


Published: 2008


152 pages


The Crawling Abattoir: Expanded Edition  by  Martin Mundt

The Crawling Abattoir: Expanded Edition by Martin Mundt
2008 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 152 pages | ISBN: | 6.80 Mb

A Cookie W/Arsenic in It-Jay BonansingaD W FNightfighterBug MessThe Worst Clown in the WorldThe Reincarnation of the Dolly LlamaEmptiness, Shaped Like a ManKevin Bacon Killed My GirlfriendManiac WormMy Love Is a Dead, Dead RoseRoad RageAutoreaperThe WilliesStuck On YouMartin Mundt is nowhere to be found. He was on his way to his Suzuki-method theremin lesson when he disappeared, ominously on a Thursday the 12th, his personal unlucky day. Two weeks later, stories began to appear: Maniac Worm written in the medium of expiring life, thousands of drying earthworms pinned to sheets of cardboard to make squirming vermiform letters- The Worst Clown in the World contained in a bucketful of multicolored confetti, a single word written in teeny-tiny letters on each individual piece of confet- Nightfighter written in microscopic script on the insides of a pair of red-eyed contact lenses, which were then sutured directly onto the eyes of an eccentric English author, who now performs raving soliloquies of dragons & Nazis day & night, tho in a very charming, if slightly deranged, BBC accent- Kevin Bacon Killled My Girlfriend tattooed onto the shaved unconscious heads of the contestants in a Pamela Anderson Celebrity Lookalike Pageant.

& two stories published in Twilight Tales anthologies.Each story ended with three horrifying words, three Mephistophelean words written in fake magicians blood (Mundt is, after all, not crazy), three hideous horrific, leprous, nauseating words: MORE TO COME.Think of those words the next time you walk thru the portals of your house of worship, or as you watch the sunrise some beautiful summer morning & imagine that all is right with the world, & that it really is a very fine thing to be alive.

MORE TO COME. Then shudder & think to yourself, Why cant this Mundt guy just drink beer & watch ESPN like a normal person? & remember, MORE TO COME.

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