The Herring Sellers Apprentice L.C. Tyler

ISBN: 9780750529983

Published: 2008

299 pages


The Herring Sellers Apprentice  by  L.C. Tyler

The Herring Sellers Apprentice by L.C. Tyler
2008 | | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 299 pages | ISBN: 9780750529983 | 10.40 Mb

The Herring Sellers Apprentice is a terrific mystery which, at least at the beginning, made me laugh out loud several times. My husband thought I was losing it when I was reading it. Im only about 50% done at the moment, and its gone from laugh-out-loud to smiling with a bit of a twitch as things are getting rather tense.Its told in first person, from the perspective of a writer who has three author personas, including a mystery writer and a romance writer. His agent dubs him the herring seller since mystery writers need to sell the reader red herrings for mysteries to work.

His agent then becomes the herring sellers apprentice as she pushes herself into the heart of the mystery (out of sheer perversity and curiosity) when the writers ex-wife is found dead. The writer keeps getting questioned about his possible involvement, or at least knowledge, about it all...Its a quick read. The only things that gave me a bit of a WTF moment were small chapters where the Tyler switches Point of View (POV) from the writer-hero to the agents viewpoint.

And I sort of skimmed a few passages where the writer-hero is actually writing his detective novels. Although there were some funny bits in those.

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