Provence de la A la Z Peter Mayle


Published: 2014


433 pages


Provence de la A la Z  by  Peter Mayle

Provence de la A la Z by Peter Mayle
2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 433 pages | ISBN: | 5.11 Mb

This is an absolutely delightful book that can be read as a series of essays (sometimes very brief) on a wide-ranging list of topics concerning Provence. Over the years, Mayle has built up in me a stunning and almost wholly unrealistic view of Provence: a place that shines in my mind with quiet vineyards- lazy, warm afternoons under deep blue skies- the tang of salt in the air from the Mediterranean- meals consisting of olives, grapes, figs, and honey, with truffles and garlic everywhere- and quiet, contented, friendly people who enjoy a friendly discussion in a cafe or a warm evening by the fire.

Oh, and they all speak English.Honestly, Mayle (an Englishman who moved to Provence and has written some huge number of books on it) does mention the downsides (bugs, snakes, heat, the Mistral wind, downpours, tourists) -- I just have a habit of skipping over those parts. I highly recommend all his non-fiction books (and probably the fiction, though I havent read them) when youre in a daydreamy (or actual travel) mood.

Oh, and this one does suggest some interesting things to do if you happen to decide to actually go there, as opposed to just reading his books.

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